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Dec. 2011 Started VCM supply to Seagate
Sept. 2011 Registered as an outsourcing partner of Seagate
Dec. 2011 Achieved US$ 30 million in export
Nov. 2010 Obtained TS16949 certification
July. 2010 Awarded the Quality Cooperation award by Samsung Electronics
July. 2010 Established a subsidiary in the U.S. (SGI Technology, Inc.)
May. 2010 Completed the construction of CAS plant in China
Feb. 2010 Established the Korea-China magnet outsourcing corporation (CAS) in ZhuozhouShi,Hebei
Dec. 2008 Awarded aprize by the Prime Ministry for promotion of trade
Nov. 2008 Achieved US$20 million in export
Dec. 2007 Awarded the Best Innovative Venture Company award
Nov. 2006 Named as a 2006 EcoprofitCompany(CPC Austria)
Aug.2005 Awarded the Quality Cooperation award by Samsung Electronics
June.2005 Obtained KPQMS 9100 certification
Jan.2005 Awarded the Eco-Partner Award by Samsung Electronics
Oct.2004 Certified as the Eco-Partner of Samsung Electronics
Aug.2004 Awarded the Win-Win Award by Samsung Electricity
Dec.2003 Acquired SINGLE PPM quality certification
Sept.2003 Named as INNO-BIZ
July.2003 Obtained PQA-9001 certification
July.2003 Named as a Promising Exporter
Dec.2002 Designated as expert component company
Nov.2002 Obtained ISO 9001, 14001 (KSA)
July.2002 Obtained the PQA-9001 certification
Oct.2001 Named as a venture company (by SMBA)
Apr.2001 Named as Innovative Technology company
Dec.2000 Named as a leading SME (Daegu)
Dec.2000 Named as a technologically-excellent company (SMBA)
Nov.2000 Awarded a prize by the President from the National Quality Competition
June.2000 Awarded a prize of excellence from Daegu Quality Competition
Mar.2000 Opened an office in Beijing China