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Kong, Kun-seung CEO of SunglimGroup

Thank you for visiting our website.

SunglimGroup is a specialized manufacturer of high efficiency
permanent magnet,
Voice Coil Motor (VCM) that is used for HDD using permanent magnet,
and magnet application using permanent magnet.
We havemanufacturingsubsidiaries in Shangqiu,Henan and
ZhuozhouShi,Hebei; selling subsidiaries in San Jose (Silicon Valley)
inthe U.S., Kuala Lumpur inMalaysia, China, and Hong Kong; and
an office in Beijing,China.We are exerting continuousefforts to become
theworld's leading company in this industry.

We stay true to our company's motto, "Let's be a cornerstone in building a beautiful society based on creative thinking and innovative
technology development."Since its establishment in 1994, Sunglimhas secured competitive superiority through technology
development, achieved optimization of quality assurance system, endeavored to satisfy customers' needs, and
tried environment-friendly business management, all to impressour customers.

Please keep your eyes on Sunglimas we are growing to be theNo.1 companyin the world and raising our nation's status to a
higher level.

Again, thank you.

Kong, Kun-seung
CEO of SunglimGroup