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Sunglim will be a leader of theenergy industry in the future.
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Aluminum Ion Plating, Voice Coil Motor
Voice CoilMotomore
This is a product that provides the torque required to movetheHead Stack Assembly (HSA), a structure where the magnetic head is fixed.
Voice CoilMoto
Nd-Fe-B Sintered Magnetmore
We endeavor to make not just a part that anyone may make but the best part created. I express my deep gratitude to you once again, and we will make greater efforts with the attitude to consider customer satisfaction in propriety.
All of our staffs promise to provide best service to satisfy our customers.
Nd-Fe-B Sintered Magnet
Aluminum Ion Platingmore
The bonding power is excellent as the anodized metal molecular under high vacuum condition is cohered gradually on high potential and formation of film is very even, and substrate will be washed the roughly as there is a step of plasma cleaning during the process.
Especially in the old wet electric plating process, at cathode, there are...
Aluminum Ion Plating
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